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Home Line Rental

– Line Features like call waiting, caller display are just £1.50 a month, you can add line features, and we’ll take care of it for you – No long term contract 

Now you can transfer your line rental to Cytel UK for these extra benefits…
– Cytel UK Home Line Rental is just £13.58 a month and can be as low as £10.98 a month effectively if you pay one year in advance.

What is line rental? 

Line rental is the monthly charge you pay to the provider of your telephone line. You can transfer your line rental to Cytel UK and enjoy all the benefits of Cytel.talk and Cytel UK home line rental with one monthly bill.

How much will it cost?

Transferring your line rental to Cytel UK won’t cost anything, and the monthly line rental charge is just £13.58 and can be as low as £10.98 a month effectively if you pay one year in advance. Cytel UK can also offer competitively priced line features such as caller display and call diversion – please see our line features for more details.

Will I be able to keep my number and features, such as 1471?

Yes, your phone number and all your line features will be transferred, and once your line rental transfer is complete, you can also speak to us to change your line features. Remember that if you use any PIN-based line features, you will need a new PIN, and you will lose any voicemail messages you had saved.

What if I need a new Line?

Cytel UK can arrange to install your new line at very competitive rates. If a recently deactivated line is available in your property and all the wiring is intact there will be no charge, otherwise the new line installation charge will be £102 (BT charge £130).

Will I be forced to sign a contract for 12 or 18 months?

All we ask is to give us 30 days notice should you need to stop your Cytel UK Home Line.

Cytel UK Home Line Rental Features

The following line features are available with Cytel UK Home line rental at no extra charge.

 141Dial 141 before your call to hide your number from the 
person you’re calling
 1470If you have permanent number withheld setup, dial 1470 to override it and send your number
 1471Informs you of the number of the last received call
 1475Remove the latest caller from your 1471 list
 Withhold all callsYour number is never shown when you make a call

Extra Features

ServiceDescriptionCytel UK per month
phone 1571
Callers leave you a message if you don’t answer or if your line’s engaged£1.50
Anonymous Call RejectBlock calls from withheld or anonymous 
Choose to 
Stop unwanted or nuisance calls£2.20
Call WaitingLet’s you know when someone’s trying to 
get through
See who’s calling before you answer£1.50
Divert your calls to another landline phoneor mobile£1.50
3 Way 
Talk with two other callers at the same time£1.50
Ring BackGet an automatic call back from an engaged number£1.50

For further details or assistance talk to us on our free phone number 0800 036 0078.