Code of Practice for Complaint Handling of CYTELUK TELECOM LTD

This Code of Practice is published by CYTELUK TELECOM LIMITED.
CYTELUK aims to be a highly professional telecommunications company providing an efficient, cost-effective and quality service to its customers. This Code of Practice aims to ensure that such a service is delivered.

1. Who is the supplier?

CYTELUK TELECOM Limited (“CYTELUK”) whose registered office is at 12 Gateway Mews, London, N11 2UT provides the following service: offers Voice and Internet services to residential Customers in the UK. offers Customers some of the most competitive prices in the market. It is an easy to use service, offering significant cost savings.
Different payment methods are available to provide flexible services for Customers. Anyone interested to use must call CYTELUK Customer Helpline on 0800 036 0078. The registration is performed through the phone by CYTELUK’s trained personnel. The customer is informed in writing for the date the service will be provided to him.

2. The purpose of the code

To inform our Customers of their relationship with them and how we handle complaints

3. Contact details Service
Telephone : 0800 036 0078 for sales, support and technical problems
e-mail : [email protected]
web :
address: 8 Ashfield Parade, Southgate, London, N14 5AB

4. Keeping you in the know
When the Customer registers for CYTELUK services the Customer will receive information on our products and services and how to use our services, through bill inserts and mailings. In addition this information can be found on the CYTELUK website, including but not limited to rates sheets, details of all the relevant tariffs, details of any applicable mobile phone surcharges and maintenance charges, any other applicable charges and discount schemes that apply at that time as well as the terms and conditions.

Furthermore on the CYTELUK website one can find information about promotional schemes that apply at times, new products, changes in call rates and any other relevant information to the products & services provided by CYTELUK. Whilst CYTELUK takes care to ensure that current promotional material is always displayed, it is inevitable that some out of date information on tariffs will be published. For up to date information on tariffs, including mobile surcharges and maintenance charges, one can refer to the CYTELUK website set out in Section 3 above, which is the most definitive place to receive up dated pricing information.

5. CYTELUK Range of Services
The telecommunications services described in this code are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time.
The current services available are:

The Customer can set up a post-paid account, receive a detailed monthly invoice and pay by direct debit from their bank account or credit card.

The Customer needs to have a BT line for this type of account .The Customer can dial as much as they like and pay on a monthly basis. is a service that allows Customers to call without having to manually dial the access code. The industry term being “Carrier Pre-Select”. This means that all calls are passed to without the need to dial the access code, or install any equipment at the customer’s premises.

With, the Customer’s calls are automatically routed to CYTELUK’s and its partner’s Global Network ensuring that the Customer never misses out on great savings.
The Customer is invoiced by CYTELUK for all charges in the preceding month, unless CYTELUK, at its discretion chooses to invoice the Customer quarterly. Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice.
All charges payable shall be calculated by reference to data recorded or logged by CYTELUK and its partners, (according to the directions given by CYTELUK to its partners), and not by reference to data recorded or logged by the Customer. Itemised statements are available for free.

CYTELUK is offering 3 call packages for domestic users. In addition to the low cost rates that Customers receive, provides free calls to Cyprus landlines under certain conditions. Customers can keep their existing BT phone number and services.

5.2 MoreMobile
With MoreMobile, the Customer is able to call to mobiles in Cyprus whenever they like with 50% discount on the normal rate.

The Customer is required to sign up with MoreMobile if they wish to use this product.
There is a monthly fee for this Service which has to be paid in advance by the Customer. Subsequent payment has to be made by means of continuous payment authorisation using credit card or debit card.

6. Faults
CYTELUK will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Service is available for use by the Customer.

The Customer may give notice of fault in or impairment of the Service, which causes an interruption in the provision of the Service to CYTELUK by telephone on the number notified in section 3 above to the Customer. Faults can be reported free of charge where applicable.
Faults can occur on the CYTELUK’s network, another operator’s network, or on the telephone used by the Customer or the person the Customer is trying to call.

CYTELUK will correct as soon as practicable any faults under its control, notified by the Customer.

7. Cancellation
The Customer has the right, where applicable under its contract with CYTELUK, to terminate their agreement providing that either party serves not less than 30 days written notice of termination upon the other.

CYTELUK may disconnect a Service and or terminate the agreement by notice in writing to the Customer if:

• The Customer fails to make payment when it becomes due to
• The Customer is suspected of fraudulent use or suspicious activity
• The Customer becomes the subject of a bankruptcy order or becomes insolvent.

8. Invoice Dispute Resolution Procedure
If the Customer wishes to dispute any invoice or part of an invoice falling due, the Customer shall, within (30) days after receipt of the invoice, deliver a notice in writing to CYTELUK setting out the nature of his dispute, otherwise the invoice is deemed accepted. The notice should contain the following information:

Date and number of disputed invoice, amount in dispute, reason for dispute and any supporting documentation as appropriate. The undisputed part of an invoice must be paid.

9. Complaint Handling Procedures
If the Customer needs to make a complaint, the Customer can call CYTELUK on the telephone number stated in Section 3 above to speak to a Customer Service Agent. Most Complaints are resolved satisfactorily at this stage. However complaints may be escalated where appropriate to Team Leaders, Customer Services Manager or the Call Centre Manager depending on the nature of the complaint.

In the unlikely event that a customer’s complaint is not satisfactorily handled through the process described above then the customer can send a letter to our Legal Department at the address indicated below. In the case that the outcome from this process does not satisfy the customer then the customer can seek for Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution as described in Section 10.

12 Gateway Mews, London, N11 2UT

10. Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution
If a customer is still not happy with the way CYTELUK proposes to resolve a problem, then the customer can refer the problem to Otelo (Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman). The complainant can refer to Otelo if CYTELUK has sent a deadlock letter, advising the complainant that the issue cannot be resolved or when twelve weeks have passed from the date the customer first told CYTELUK about the problem. The deadline for bringing the complaint to Otelo is nine months from the date the customer first told CYTELUK about the problem or six months from the date a deadlock letter is issued from CYTELUK. Otelo investigates Customers’ complaints about telecoms services fairly. This service is free and independent.

CYTELUK is a member of Otelo and as such is obliged to respond to Otelo enquiries and accept their decision on complaints.

Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman PO Box 730 Warrington WA4 6VW Phone: 0845 050 1614 or 0192 543 0049 Fax: 0845 050 1615 E-mail: [email protected]

Ofcom is the regulator for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services. Its purpose is to monitor and regulate communications within the UK.

Riverside House 2a Southwark Bridge Road London SE1 9HA Phone: 0845 456 3000 or 020 7981 3040 Fax: 0845 456 3333 Website:

11. Customer Obligation
The Customer undertakes that the registration details that the Customer provides shall be true and complete.

The Customer agrees to inform CYTELUK of any changes to registration details immediately by calling the Customer Service Department or by sending an e-mail to the appropriate e-mail address above.
The Customer undertakes not to use the Service:

• As a mean of communication for a purpose other than that for which the Service is provided.
• For the transmission of any material, which is, or intended to be a hoax call to emergency services or is of defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene or menacing character.

12. Privacy policy
The Customer’s account details and personal information are covered by the Data Protection Act 1998.

To make sure we keep our Customers’ personal details secure, we have, through our Customer Service Representative, an identification procedure in place which is part of the training for all our Customer Service Department. As an account holder, the Customer will need to confirm their password on each occasion they contact the Customer Service Department. We advise the Customer to keep their password secure and confidential at all times. The Customer should tell us immediately if they think that an unauthorised person has gained access to their password.

For further details on our privacy policy please visit the appropriate website set out in section 3 above or call the necessary number.

13. Terms and Conditions
The Customer will be advised of, and if they so request, receive a copy of our terms and conditions when the Customer contracts for any of our products and/or services. The terms and conditions are also available on the relevant websites set out in section 3 above.

14. Customers with Visual Impairment.
We are able to provide our written documents including our Code of Practice in an alternative format such as large print. The Customer should call the Customer Service Department and indicate whether they wish to receive bills, terms and conditions, our Code of Practice or any other information in this format.

15. Customers with Hearing Impairment
Our customer service representative has worked very closely with the RNID (Royal National Institute for the Deaf) to ensure that our Customer Service gets the relevant awareness in terms of giving the right assistance to our Customers with hearing impairment.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the service we provide to our special needs Customers and our elderly Customers.

Please send your suggestions to the Legal Department at CYTELUK Limited,
12 Gateway Mews, London, N11 2UT United Kingdom.

16. Code of Practice Review
In order to comply with Ofcom requirements the code of practice is reviewed regularly by CYTELUK and approved by Ofcom. Customers will be informed of any changes to the Code of Practice.
The latest version of our Code of Practice is available on the CYTELUK website.

The Customer can receive a hard copy by contacting the Customer Service Department at the address set out in Section 1 above or by calling CYTELUK Customer Help Line on 0800 036 0078