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Mobile Access

Use your UK mobile phone to call abroad without having to worry about the cost.

If you already have a UK mobile connection and a call package that gives you free minutes to UK numbers, then you can choose one of the following Access packages and you can enjoy unlimited free calls to Cyprus, Greece, USA, Australia and discounted rates for anywhere in the world: 2 at £6.13 per month
Evenings & Weekends: Free, Unlimited calls to Cyprus and Greece landlines plus 400 minutes to Cyprus mobiles. Hellas 2 at £7.90 per month
Evenings & Weekends: Unlimited calls to Greece & Cyprus landlines plus 400 minutes to Greece mobiles. 3 at £15.32 per month
ANYTIME: Unlimited calls to Cyprus, Greece, Australia & USA landlines plus 600 minutes to Cyprus mobiles Hellas 3 at £15.32 per month
ANYTIME: Unlimited calls to Cyprus, Greece, Australia & USA landlines plus. 600 minutes to Greek mobiles

Peak time cost per minute to:
Cyprus landlines at 3p – Cyprus mobiles at 5p
Greece landines at 5p – Greece mobiles at 7p

Cytel UK Custom Plan at no extra charge
Discounted rates (up to 50%) for calls to the country of your choice. 

If you don’t have a UK mobile connection
Click here for CytelUK’s amazing sim only deal

If you have one of the Cytel.Talk packages on your landline, you get the same package on your UK mobile with no extra cost! 

How to use the Cytel.Talk Access Package

  • From your mobile phone you dial the Cytel.Talk mobile access number 020 7195 3099. 
    You will hear a message saying “Please, dial the number you require”.
    You dial the international destination number you require and press #.
  • There is a completely seamless method that allows the use of Cytel.Talk mobile access number.
  • You create a contact by entering the number 020 7195 3099, then pause dial (usually by entering comma), then the destination number followed by the # symbol.
  • Alternatively, you can download the “Calling Card Pal” Application with which, after entering the number 020 7195 3099 with one-time configuration, you will be able to dial your international numbers directly from your contact list. Click here for instructions how to setup the “Calling Card Pal” Application on your mobile phone.

* Cytel’s Access Number will be charged to your mobile account as a call to a UK landline. Subject to your mobile operator’s contract, these calls can be included in your bundled free minutes. *You may consult your mobile phone’s user guide to find out how to put a pause dial, so you can use one-touch dialling, as explained above.  *You need to possess a Visa or Mastercard to make use of our service