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Business Line Rental

– CYTEL UK Business Line Rental offered at really competitive rates.
– No more bills from BT – both your line rental and phone calls will be on your one monthly bill from CYTEL UK.
– One point of contact for all your services.
– Line Features like call waiting and caller display are much cheaper compared to BT; you can add line features and we’ll take care of it for you.
– Complementary Mobile Access, enabling you to call overseas from your existing UK Mobile phone, at lower rates.

And now you can transfer your business line rental to CYTEL UK for these extra benefits…

What is line rental?

Line rental is the monthly charge you pay to the provider of your telephone line. For a BT line, this is normally BT, but now you can transfer your line rental to CYTEL UK and enjoy all the benefits of calls and line rental with one monthly bill.

What are the benefits of transferring my line rental to CYTEL UK?

Firstly, you will make savings on your Line Rental and you won’t get any more bills from BT – both your line rental and your calls will be on one monthly bill from CYTEL UK. You can transfer all your existing BT line features such as call minder, caller display and add new line features with CYTEL UK.

How much will it cost?

Transferring your business lines to CYTEL UK won’t cost anything, and the monthly line rental charge is just £14.75 + VAT per single analogue line. CYTEL UK can also offer competitively priced line features such as caller display and call diversion.

What if I need a new Line?

CYTEL UK can arrange to install your new line at really competitive rates. If a recently deactivated line is available at your premises and all the wiring is intact there will be no charge, otherwise the new line installation charge will be £85 + VAT. We use BT Openreach Engineers for all new installs and line faults to ensure the best quality workmanship.

Will I be able to keep my number and phone system?

You will not need to change your number or change any of the telephone equipment. We can install, switch and upgrade analogue, multiline and ISDN lines.

Will I still get bills from BT?

Once you’ve transferred your line rental to CYTEL UK, BT will no longer bill you for it. CYTEL UK will be your single point of contact for bills and any problem with your phone line.