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You can transfer your landline to CytelUK, make it digital and enjoy the benefits of unlimited calls to UK, Cyprus & Greece.

What is happening with the landlines? 
Traditional landlines are being turned off and no new connections or analogue line transfers allowed by BT, as part of the big switch over to Digital technology.

Can I still have a landline?

You can have a digital line that uses the internet to carry telephone calls. This does not mean that you will have to pay for a fast broadband connection if you do not need it.  Internet speeds of just one megabit per second (Mbps) are enough for a good digital phone service.


Can I keep my number?

Yes, your telephone number is ported to the digital platform and you can keep it even if you move to a different area or even town.


How much does it cost to transfer my
existing landline?

If there is already a broadband service available in your premises, the activation/transfer of your number to the digital platform is £30.00 one off cost.


Do I need to buy a new phone?

The digital lines require digital (VoIP) phones, using the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

If the broadband service is also with us, you have the option to avoid this extra cost and carry on using your existing phone device. It still needs to be connected to the broadband router.


What is the minimum contract term?

The minimum contract term for a digital line is 12 months. After the minimum period, a 30 days notice is required to stop the service.


What happens to the use of my landline for other purposes?

If you have a house alarm or a personal alarm from a hospital or your local council connected to your landline, you need to talk to them before you decide to switch.


What if the internet goes down?

If the internet crashes or there is a power cut, digital phone lines will stop working. Those who are vulnerable need to have a mobile phone so they can still call 999 in an emergency.

What else can I get with my Line & Broadband?
You can add,

  • The Call Package with free minutes to Cyprus & Greece landlines & mobiles
  • The Greek TV channels for continuous home entertainment


For further details or assistance talk to us on our free phone number 0800 036 0078