Cyta Contact Point

Contract Term 
All contracts are under a 24 months period term .

30-Day Notice
Customers making disconnection requests after the 24 months, they will be required to give 30 days notice. 

Early  Termination fees
Customers making disconnection before the 24 months period they will be required to pay early termination fees.

Early termination fees are applicable in all cases where a cease request has been submitted and the minimum agreed terms have not been completed. This fee is determined based on the pro rata cost of the rental remaining from the subscription’s date of cease up to the end of the agreement, including any required notice periods. 

All same network migrations will be charged £25 per connection.

Tariff Change Fee
If you would like to move existing connections/base on to the new tariffs detailed within this guide, there will be a Tariff Change Fee of £30 exc. VAT per number. In line with our cease fee policy, connections active for over 24 months will be exempt from this charge.

Gateways/Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT)
Cytel UK Telecom Ltd does not allow SIMs to be used in any equipment which enables the routing of calls or data (including, without limitation, text or picture messages) from fixed apparatus or standard devices to mobile equipment, by establishing a mobile to mobile call or transmission. Nor does it allow the use of any equipment which enables the sending of bulk SMS, voice or data services. Cytel UK Telecom Ltd reserves the right to suspend without notice should we believe that such equipment is being used. During suspension, the liability for any access charges or calls will rest with the customer.

Roaming Fair Usage Policy 
In line with Roam Like At Home legislation, we have introduced a Fair Usage Policy to ensure end user allowances are being used for purpose whilst roaming.

Policy Terms…
Inclusive roaming services on our mobile tariffs have been built for users who travel periodically, and not those who roam across foreign networks on a semi-permanent or permanent basis.

If a customer uses their mobile in destinations outside the UK that qualify for inclusive access to standard bundles  (this includes those countries that qualify for daily roaming services such as World Travel Select and/or legislation such as Roam Like At Home), for more than 50% of the time in any four-month rolling period, they can expect to receive a communication requesting a moderation of roaming services. 

If a customer’s usage continues to exceed 50%, as described above, over the two-week period following the first notification, Cytel UK Telecom Ltd reserves the right to either charge customers for this excessive usage or bar roaming services. Customers will be notified before any action is taken.