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CytelUK can reduce your costs by providing a fully managed phone system delivered over your existing internet connection. 

It is a feature rich, cost-effective solution, ideal for any business seeking a high-quality telephone system using all the latest technologies at a low cost of ownership.

Let Cytel UK Manage Your Telecoms With A Professional And Affordable Phone System.

Your business will present a more professional image to your customers and clients by using sophisticated technology set up by Cytel UK at your office in a simple way to use and understand. We will take care of the technical detail while you focus on your business.

FAQ – Managed Phone Systems
What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and allows people to make and receive telephone calls over a high speed internet connection rather than the traditional phone networks. Also known as IP telephony, or broadband voice – this innovative new service will bring down the price of your calls, while adding a bundle of new features designed to enhance your telecommunications experience.

How does it work?
CYTEL VoIP works by transforming voice into information (data packets) and then sending it over the internet like any other file or email.

With CYTEL, either an IP or analogue phone are connected to an adaptor which is attached to your router or modem, from there you will be able to liberally make calls.

Is it right for my company?
Quite simply, yes. Regardless of its size, any company can benefit from CYTEL VoIP. While large companies will benefit from the high cost savings, the multitude of features can provide an SME with the tools of a corporation.

How will signing up for CYTEL VoIP save money?
In many ways. First, on net calls are free of charge – this means calls between anyone on the CYTEL VoIP network are free, such as inter-office communication, or exchange with other CYTEL subscribers.

Second, your CYTEL extension can be diverted to any phone turning any line into a free CYTEL network number.

Third, the maintenance and upgrades associated with traditional PBX systems are no longer your concern. With a CYTEL hosted solution, we take the technological responsibility, leaving you to your business.

Is broadband included?
Not with CYTEL VoIP, but if you’d like to subscribe to CYTEL Broadband, we’ll be happy to set you up with both of our excellent services.

What type of broadband do I need to support my business?
Your bandwidth strength is the key to a quality VoIP service. A separate broadband connection is recommended to maintain quality of internet and VoIP service. Speak to your account manager about bandwidth strength and voice paths to facilitate your adoption of VoIP.

How complicated will the transition be?
Although the idea of switching systems seems like a laborious task, the transition to VoIP is actually quite simple. It’s basically a matter of registration, surveying your company’s particular needs, and service provisioning. One of the most attractive things about switching to VoIP is the “plug in and go” simplicity of it.

How long will it take to switch over?
The duration of the set-up period depends entirely on the needs and size of your business. Roughly, the service should be up and running between three and 15 business days.

Do I have to change numbers?
In most cases, no. CYTEL is able to offer portability for the majority of BT number ranges. However there may be a short period in which you will need to have your number diverted to a different range until the port is completed.

Do I need to invest in new equipment? (What about my old equipment?)
The only absolutely necessary new equipment is the VoIP adaptor which is a small box slightly larger than a CD case. Other than that – the choice is up to you. We offer a range highly rated IP telephones from Cisco, a trusted provider whose handsets offer a functionality that integrates brilliantly with our service.

We understand that switching telephone systems might appear daunting which is why we can offer a migration service which integrates VoIP with the use of an old PBX allowing for a paced transition to IP telephony.

Do both sides need VoIP to make a call?
No not at all, it’s like any other telephone.

What happens if the network goes down?
Our system is backed by a redundant platform, which means that if one component fails, the second will seamlessly take over without notice. It is based on geographically resilient network architecture across two data centres and redundancy is built-in at every level.

How is the sound quality?
Assuming you have completed the site survey and configured your network accordingly, the sound quality is as good as the old phone system. However, like any system it must be maintained and monitored. As your company grows and the demand on your VOIP network increases, the quality of the calls may be affected if the network is not upgraded accordingly.

Improved Communications

Whether you operate from a home office, or operate a multi-site company, the CYTEL UK managed phone system can drastically improve your business’ communications. These are examples:

London Property Lettings Company

Using the Cytel UK Phone System this property lettings business has benefited from professional handling of incoming calls ensuring clients and sales enquiries always get through to the advisers irrespective whether they are in the office or out of the office. Making extensive use of the mobility-enhancing features of the Cytel UK phone system such as Simultaneous Ring, Remote Office and Call Transfer. The voicemail to email features also guarantees that all messages get through– no matter where they are

International Recruitment Agency

With Offices in Serbia and Cyprus and partner offices in the UK and the Middle East, this business has benefited by directing incoming enquiries between various overseas office locations and improved the success rate in matching overseas job vacancies to applicants. All office locations are connected seamlessly by the Cytel UK Phone System allowing free internal calls between offices.

Moving Premises Outside The Exchange Area?

Are you moving premises and want to keep your existing numbers? No Problem. Here at Cytel UK we have a solution ensuring you don’t need to change your numbers irrespective where you are moving to, anywhere in the UK or overseas.

Easy Set-Up

So you’ve got a company and you’re interested in signing up – but you don’t want to disrupt your business. How do you switch over to the Cytel UK Phone System? Can you keep your numbers? Of course! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Call Freephone 0800 036 0078 or +44(0)20 8882 5830 and tell us your situation. Our specialists will obtain the relevant details to build the perfect phone system for your business.

How do I sign up?
Call 0800 036 0078 or +44(0)20 8882 5830 and sign up for Cytel VoIP today!