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Broadband Only

Can I get broadband without a phone line?

The answer is yes, BUT subject to availability.
It all depends on your location. Contact us to check availability in your address.

Why do we have to pay for a phone line to have broadband?

Most fibre services are known as FTTC “fibre to the cabinet”. The fibre connection runs up to the nearest street cabinet; from the cabinet to your premises, the connection is made over the copper wires of the phone network and a phone line & number is automatically activated.  The line rental cost is included in the monthly broadband price.

What is SOGEA?

SOGEA broadband is a new range of Broadband Only services that give you fibre internet without needing a landline.

What this new service does, in simple words, is separating the phone system from the physical copper wire. So you are not charged for the phone line that you do not need.

SOGEA is already available to many but not to all yet.

Contact us to check availability in your address.

What are the benefits of Broadband Only service?

  • Slightly faster and more reliable. Since there is no voice traffic on the same network, speeds would be slightly better and the connection more reliable.
  • Easier to fix. It is expected that any issues with the line would be resolved quicker.
  • No phone line. In case you do not need it.

What are the disadvantages?

  • No phone line. In case one is needed for home or personal alarms or any other support services.
  • You will lose your phone number. Talk to us in case you need to keep your number.  
  • It is not cheaper. Although you will not have voice service, the copper network is still being used and charged.

What is FTTP Broadband?

FTTP or Fibre To The Premises is exactly that; a broadband connection supplied solely through fibre optic cables, from the broadband exchange right into your home.

It is also known as ultrafast full fibre broadband because it can deliver speeds of up to 1,000Mbps (megabits per second).

What are the pros and cons of FTTP?

If you do not need a phone line, there are only pros. FTTP is the fastest, most reliable and cost effective broadband service you can get (apart from leased lines that are much more expensive).